Hello world!

My name is Marsha Griffin, and I am an Illinois educator. I am very concerned about the changing landscape of education.  I am appalled that the educational climate no longer focuses on the educational needs of the whole child.  Instead, we are being mandated to teach a curriculum that is not internationally benchmarked, or research and evidence based.  We did not enter into the field of education to become essentially, nothing more than high stakes test proctors.  Yet, that is what we are being mandated to do with the PARCC assessment.

It troubles me that in New York where they implemented the common core early through Race to the Top, that scores on the state assessment went from a 70 percent proficiency rating to a 30 percent proficiency rating on PARCC.  When a child carves stupid on their wrist because of their score on a standardized test, something is wrong.  When children are placed on anxiety medication due to the curricula being developmentally inappropriate, something is wrong.  I started a petition against the Common Core learning standards and high stakes testing. Our students have no voice.  I have written letters to the editor, and I have gone public with my belief that Common Core and high stakes testing is harmful to students and teachers.

When teachers in New York are placed on a gag order, in order to ensure their silence, something is wrong! I am standing up for my students and my profession, and praying that there will be an outcry from the American public, educators, and parents! I hope you will join me in this battle.

If you are concerned about the downward spiral of education, please connect with me on Facebook. Together, we can stand up for education and our profession!


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